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Previously BlueOctober Blog. 

Teacher, thirty, using my blog as a tool of procrastination. I like to post about how I spend my time when I'm not in the classroom, and about things that interest me; food, lifestyle, books and the like. It's easy to let your job define you, especially one that can swallow up so much of your time, but this blog is my personal effort to ensure life continues to be about the more important things in life. Fun, family, friends... and good food. Amen to that.

I live in Farnham and absolutely love what this small town has to offer. Being on the Western-tip of Surrey (UK), I'm lucky to live near a handful of beautifully British towns in both Surrey and Hampshire - many of which I like to share with you right here. Having spent six months travelling SE Asia in 2016, I'm happy to be back in the UK and am making the most of what my local area has to offer! 

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