Wednesday, 23 May 2018

5 more podcasts for 30-something women

I wrote a little while ago about my five favourite podcasts for 30-something women, which generated such a great response with recommendations and suggestions flying in from all angles, I thought I would give an update. These are some of my more recent finds that have quickly become firm favourites.

1. The High Low by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes

Since my last post, the most notable mention has to be this one. So many of you recommended The High Low, and it is now my absolute go-to listen! Pandora and Dolly eloquently discuss topical issues - both high and low brow - in a honest and though-provoking sixty minute(ish) episode. It is everything I love, in podcast form! New favourite words include 'zeitgeist', 'hackneyed' and 'reductive'. Oh and 'hirsute' - I feel like I've swallowed a thesaurus. Not in Joey Tribbiani way.

2.  Happy Place by Fearne Cotton

When I heard that Fearne - my hair idol - was hosting a podcast about happiness, joy and all things life-affirming, I knew I must give it a listen. She chats with celebrity guests about their lives and what makes them happy with sincerity and humour. A really easy listen and one that helps me to reassess, even in small ways, what life is all about and how I should be taking time to concentrate on my wellbeing. The Dawn French episode is fab.

3. Love Stories by Dolly Alderton

That's right, it's my new obsession love idol Dolly, of High Low fame! A few months ago I heard through the social media grapevine she had written a book... which I immediately purchased, devoured and then subsequently booked tickets to meet her at a book signing in Guildford Waterstones. Like any rational human being. Cough. Anyway, this podcast is fab - Dolly chats all things love, relationships and laughter with interesting guests. Fave so far? Ruby Tandoh and Ruth Jones.

4. Table Manners by Jessie Ware and Mum

Another strong, funny and articulate woman - no, women - talking with engaging celebrity folk over dinner. I really love the concept of this; Jessie and her Mum cook a meal for their guest and they discuss both the food and provide a chatty interview. The relationship between the two hosts is warm and funny, which immediately puts the guests at ease. I particularly loved the Stacey Dooley and Sandi Toksvig episodes.

5. Late Night Woman's Hour

I mentioned my love for Woman's Hour in my previous post, but this time I bring you it's - dare I say it - younger, cooler offspring. Hosted by Lauren Laverne, they discuss all things topical with a focus on the female experience. With recent episodes discussing the spread of the #blessed phenomena and the gender politics behind women's hair, it is timely, relevant and insightful.

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