Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Brunch at Jackson + Rye, Guildford

Walking up Guildford's cobbled high street you are flanked with a heady mix of high-end, high-street and independent retailers - some of the firm favourites and some offering something a little jazzy. 

And now that isn't just with regards to fashion. In the last year or so Guildford has thrived! We've seen the addition of a load of London-based restaurants, the most recent being Jackson + Rye. The self proclaimed home of good, home-cooked American style food - I was looking forward to my J+R brunch date all week! 'Cos we know Americans do brunch well, right? 

Naturally, I had a peek at the menu before hand - just to get clued up before hand so I could avoid food envy and/or regret. Joking not joking. I can't be the only one who religiously does this before visiting somewhere new?! Seriously, if somewhere doesn't have a menu online I am suspicious. Oh, the emotional roller coaster eating somewhere new is!

Initial thoughts? The menu is bloody huge. And that's just the Weekend Brunch offerings! That's right - J+R offer brunch until 4.30pm - none of this 'only until 11am' business. If, like me, you respect your duty to lie in at the weekend, then the all-day-brunch thing is a winner. Avo and eggs doesn't tickle your pickle? There are salads, steaks, burgers and the like if a brunch set up isn't for you. 

So when I, and my three partners in crime, arrived we already knew our weapons of choice. I was keen to try the alternative take on eggs royale; replacing the muffin for an avocado, J+R are on to something here! A lighter option, but with a slice of granary on the side to sate those carby desires. Sam went for similar - avocado benedict, with slices of crisp maple cured bacon and topped with creamy hollandaise. This savoury offering was brunch perfection, and particularly great for those with whom bread does not agree - skip the toast and enjoy the nutritional benefits of what has become the flagship of brunches worldwide *insert avocado emoji here*. 

And I don't know about you, but I always crave savoury when eating brunch out. But you know how it is - with completing a savoury course comes the desire for something sweet. We had the genius idea of ordering a side of pancakes to share afterwards - 'cos even brunch deserves a pudding, right?

Rich and Kat ordered the pancakes - bacon and maple for him and caramelised banana for her. An entire jug of maple syrup adorned the table; no half measures here! Kat's pancakes came with a maple syrup cream which to me tasted deliciously of cinnamon; the perfect addition to caramelised bananas and fluffy, buttermilk American-style pancakes. 

Of course, our meals were washed down with a round of coffees and juices - the Carrot Sunrise had that perfect hit of ginger, and the Purple Haze offering a pink grapefruit and pomegranate blend. Had we been feeling a little more adventurous we might have gone for one of the five (yes, five!) varieties of Bloody Mary. The Sriracha and Smoky versions sound particularly interesting! 

Not only was the food impressive, but the swanky diner feel is exactly as J+R profess it to be; welcoming and stylish, yet laid back. The restaurant is huge, with a number of individual tables and bigger booths downstairs and even more up on the first floor. Pull up a stool at the bar and read the paper with a flat white, or settle in for something a little more comfortable - I can see J+R being a great place to come with friends for dinner and a few cheeky cocktails. 

If you hadn't already cottoned on, I really liked Guildford's latest addition - Jackson + Rye. I'm looking forward to my next visit - the smoked pulled pork hash and veggie breakfast ('the forager') both sound right up my street! Wait, that'll have to be two visits. 

Good job I'm off for the next six weeks!... #thankgodforteacherholidays

Jackson + Rye (website).
219 High Street, Guildford, GU1 3BJ. 

Thank you to Jackson + Rye for welcoming me to review their restaurant. All views my own.

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