Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Homemade 'nakd' bars

Almost two years ago I posted a recipe for making your own Nakd-style bars.

Since then, I've made them time and time again - they make the perfect mid-morning snack at work, and are so delicious I don't feel like I'm missing out. Like half the adult population, I'm trying to take it easy this month food-wise; less hedonism more health.

Yet conversely, January sees my cupboards bulging. I hate waste, and am always trying to find ways to put those bizarre ingredients to good use. This year I find myself with a huge bag of pecans leftover from making these delicious salted caramel clusters, and a mysterious pack of figs left from one too many well-dressed cheeseboards this festive period.

So I dug out the food processor, and got whizzing. First up; my absolute faves: chocolate orange balls. I follow this recipe.

Then I thought I'd change things up a bit, and try and get rid of those damned pecans.

50g pecans
50g almonds
100g dates (pitted)
1 tbsp boiling water

Whizz in food processor, and then use your hands to form mixture in to balls. It takes like pecan pie - I kid you not! Totally delicious, but no nasties, preservatives or added sugars.


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