Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Arriving in SE Asia

Sawadee ka! Greetings from Thailand, long lost friends.
Yeh, I guess I lost my blogging mojo some time back - moving out of our house, tying up loose ends at work, saying farewells… it left little time for much else! 

For those of you who missed some of my more recent posts, in mid February my boyfriend and I left the UK for six months of travelling SE Asia. We saved and saved over the course of a year, left our jobs and home... and here we are! As I type (on my tablet… not an ideal blogging station) I am sat on a sunlounger, shading myself from the sun in 36 degree Phuket heat. Until now I've had no real desire to immortalise my travelling experiences online, but as I blindly search the internet for helpful information on the trip between Surin and Patong I've realised that blogging our adventure could have its benefits. Perhaps offering practical advise for those making similar trips, perhaps showing others that travelling for a length of time at the end of your twenties isn't impossible, or perhaps just sharing moments and tales with those who share a penchant for travel. 

I suppose first I should set the record straight. We have backpacks, but we're not backpacking as such. We saved a decent amount of money before leaving which has allowed us to stay in mid-range accommodation. Our budget is around £40 a night between us, so we are by no means staying in hostels or shared accommodation. We also booked some accommodation before we left for various parts of our trip which cost more than £40 a night - paid for back in January, these are little treats that we are grateful for along the way. So as I share our story, I guess it's important to bear this in mind!

At this point we're almost a month in (the phrase ‘time flies when you're having fun’ couldn't be more true!) and have visited the Philippines, Penang (Malaysia), and we are a few days into our Thai adventure. I think I'll do a short post on each place we've explored, starting next time with the Philippines.

Until then, toodles! 


  1. I'm excited to read your post!
    We're hoping to plan a big adventure for our delayed honeymoon next year. So far we're stuck between Asia and America so this could help us decide! Recommendations of places to stay would be great :)

    Christy x
    Dinner Stories

  2. This looks amazing! Please keep sharing where you stay as my boyfriend and I are currently travelling as well!
    Maddie x


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