Thursday, 31 December 2015

ringing out twenty-fifteen

This time of year seems to be the time to reflect; wishes, hopes, dreams... successes, failures... relationships, jobs, plans...

Yeh, it's a toughie. 

I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time 'reflecting' on those things that went really badly less well, which aside from being pretty self-destructive is more often than not completely futile. We all like to see this time of year as the time for change; being a better person, doing things better and living a better life. Even at a humble twenty-eight years old, I know this is wishful thinking. That's not to say there's anything wrong with striving to be 'the best version of you' (most over-used phrase at NY?), but I can't help but think it's setting yourself up for a fall. 

Let me clarify. 

Rather than setting a whole load of resolutions I know I can't stick to...
eat more healthily, lose weight, read more, have a better work-life balance, do more exercise, be happy...
...I want to live in the moment. Yeh, I know, social media makes that really difficult! I found myself the other night in bed and 1am, aimlessly refreshing various apps. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. Repeat. I don't know about you, but I do this quite a lot. And I hate it. 
I want to live in the moment. I do enjoy taking (and sharing) photos, but I don't want to just be that person. When we're travelling later this year, I want to experience it all. Yes, I also want to take some amazing snaps which I'll be able to look back on and remember, but I don't want to be living through my lens. 

Hardly clarity... hey?

Don't be hard on yourself, give yourself a break, enjoy life. Take a step back, take a step forward. Try something new, do what you know and love. Do what makes you happy. Push yourself. Take it easy. It's a world of contradictions. 

This quite probably sounds like the ramblings of a mad woman! I don't really know what I'm trying to say or if I've even reached any sort of conclusion, but twenty-sixteen - let's do this. 


  1. I think you're totally right that new year's resolutions and the idea that life is just going to change dramatically in the New Year is pretty unrealistic. Who can honestly say they ever stick to their resolutions?! I think it's always good to stick to some realistic, measurable goals though and just take things slowly. I'm aiming to return to my fitness days but it's going to be a slow journey, as I know I'l have blips where I struggle to feel motivated so I'm setting myself a goal for each month of the year.

    I love the idea of living in the moment. The effort we go to to take a 'perfect' photo of a 'perfect' moment on social media etc is mad! You end up forgetting what you are actually experiencing in that moment, so I think that's a great goal and ethic to live by.

    She's So Lucy

  2. Loved this post, it's so funny seeing just how contradicting all of those 'resolutions' can be! For me, I'm just going to keep up going to the gym and try to travel some more. Happy New Year to you anyway :)

    Jess, Hi Freckles x

  3. Here's to 2016!!
    xx Alyssa

  4. Good aims, I think we're all guilty of NOT living in the moment - I know I dwell on the past FAR too much! Especially good point about only viewing the world through a lens...I need to do less of this.


  5. You are your Mother's daughter x


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