Friday, 6 November 2015

bookworm #41

So last month I joined a 'real life' bookclub! As well as being a part of an online bloggers bookclub, I now attend a monthly bookclub with a few local ladies. It was started by a work colleague who also lives in Farnham, and earlier this week we had our first book chat. The Children Act was my choice, and was a real hit!

The Children Act by Ian McEwan

The Children Act is a novel centring around Fiona, a high-court judge, who has to make some pretty difficult moral and ethical decisions over other people's lives. A pair of Siamese twins who will both die if remain adjoined, but one may survive if a risky operation is performed. Two Jewish girls whose parents have very different ideas about the sort of education they should receive; an orthodox Jewish school or a secular school. A seventeen year old Jehovah Witness who requires a blood transfusion to fight the leukaemia which will otherwise kill him, but is refusing on religious grounds. 

There was a clear debate running through this story; religion vs. rationality. I found this really interesting, right up my street! As you'd expect from a McEwan novel, it is intelligent, well-researched and thorough. That said, it's not heavy-going. It's a good length, has short chapters and is gripping from the get-go. It's definitely one of those books that will get you thinking - what would you have done?

My next read: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.



  1. Adding this to the list. Just started The Constant Princess then no idea what I'm reading after that!

  2. I've just found your blog today via Lorna's you tube channel and I love your blog. A mix of all my fave things, books, food and a bit of fashion. Love it when I find a great new blog and I can spend an age going back over all the blog posts. X


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