Monday, 26 October 2015

bookclub #6

Welcome to part six of the Bloggers Bookclub! This instalment sees me doing something completely new to me; reading a book on my Hudl tablet. Yes, nothing ground breaking but something different for me. I installed the Kindle app (it's free!) and rather apprehensively started my first ever e-book. The verdict? I liked it! I was contemplating buying a Kindle, so when I discovered the app could just be used on my existing tablet I was chuffed.

#6: The Letter by Kathryn Hughes 

The Letter tells the story of Tina, who finds a mysterious letter in the jacket pocket of a charity shop suit. Said letter was written by Billy in the 1940s but never posted, and Tina is desperate to trace Billy and the intended recipient. 

This is another book which hops back and forwards in time; the story being divided between the 1940s and 1970s. In the 1940s we hear of Billy and Chrissie who fall madly in love but whose relationship is scorned by Chrissie's father. In the 'present' day (1970s) we hear of Tina and her turbulent marriage to abusive Rick, alongside her quest to find Billy and Chrissie. 

Did I enjoy it? Yes. It was an easy read which I whizzed through pretty quickly. It had real similarities with Philomena by Martin Sixsmith which was interesting, but if I'm honest I felt I'd read it before. The ending was a disappointment; pretty unimpressive - it felt like it fizzled out once the mystery had been solved. It wasn't necessarily a gripping, unique read but I enjoyed it none-the-less.

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  2. I read about this book earlier this week somewhere and thought about adding it to my TBR list, but as you're not quite impressed, do you think I should read it?



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