Wednesday, 9 September 2015

mocha coconut

Mocha Coconut - in my opinion Starbucks' best frappuccino to date. I was made aware of this beauty by Kat last summer, just as I was starting to enjoy coffee more - needless to say I was hooked pretty quickly! I was gutted when it didn't make an appearance again this summer so quickly got to work in recreating my own at-home version. 

You will need (for two)
400ml Alpro Coconut 
2 tbsp Coconut Sweet Freedom Choc Shot
Yeh, that's right - they now do a coconut version! Currently stocked in Holland and Barrett.  
Handful of ice cubes
1 tbsp good quality instant coffee topped with a little cold water 

The how to is easy, but you'll need a smoothie maker type thing - I use this one. Bung all the ingredients into the jug and blend until completely smooth. Tip - give it a really good blend, for about 90 seconds, so you aren't left with chunks of ice. 

Want to be naughty? Top with squirty cream a la Starbucks, or simply drizzle with a little more chocolate and a pinch of dessicated coconut. 

Slimming World - syn values
The great news is that you can have a huge 600ml of Alpro Coconut as your Healthy Extra A, otherwise it's 1 syn per 100ml. 
Choc Shot - 2 syns per tbsp. 


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