Friday, 4 September 2015


Who doesn’t like receiving fresh flowers?
It’s one of those things I just couldn’t get my head round as a teenager. Why people fussed around with flowers, or were bought them on special occasions. As I grew older, I started to like the idea of being bought flowers… but more to show off my ‘maturity’ than because I actually found them appealing. I guess with age - like olives, red wine and radio 4 (yeh, I’m that kinda girl) - flowers have become something I not only love to receive but will buy each week with my milk and vegetables. A cheap bunch from Lidl, nothing special.
But not only do I now appreciate a nice bunch (cough), receiving an attractive, well arranged bouquet is something really special. Getting it posted to you. Flower delivery. In a fancy box. The postie making a vaguely humorous comment about ‘him having really messed up’. Perhaps not the latter so much, but it is the stuff of dreams! Flowers By Post my friends, dreamy.  
 I was thrilled to be sent this gorgeous ‘Summer Meadow’ bouquet from Blossoming Gifts a few weeks ago - blue veronica, delicate lilac eustoma with avalanche roses and daisy like tanacetum if you were interested! I was so impressed with the sheer quantity of flowers and the size of the bouquet, I had to trim back some of the greenery and leaves just to be able to fit it into an appropriate vase. Five creamy avalanche roses really amped up the beauty and lasted at their best for a good week.
Fancy some cheap flowers of your own? Blossoming Gifts have been kind enough to offer all my readers, you guys, a 33% discount on a bouquet of your choice. Just use the code BGIFTS33 to redeem your 33% discount.


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