Monday, 20 July 2015

Iced Latte

As easy as A, B, C...offee.

Summer is here, and hot coffees are out. There's nothing more refreshing than an iced coffee on a hot day - that caffeine fix at cool, iced temperatures. Call me tight, but I just can't justify coffee shop prices every day, so I got to thinking how I could create these at home... the good news is it is super easy and costs just a fraction of the price. 

I've made a few varieties of iced coffees over the past couple of weeks, all of which I plan on sharing with you on here. To start, the simplest - an iced latte. Over ice, rather than blended. My favourite!

Start by making a batch of strong coffee. I just use instant coffee, and make a small jug stronger than I normally would. If you usually have sugar or sweetener in your coffee, add at this stage and stir. Leave until completely cool before pouring into an ice cube tray and pop into the freezer to set. I put them into a tupperware or freezer bag once frozen into cubes to save room in the freezer. 

Now for the easiest bit. Pour a glass of milk and throw in a few ice cubes (I use three or four), give a good old stir and in a few minutes time you will have yourself a deliciously simple ice cold coffee. Its so simple I feel silly sharing! 

Want a little variety? Try making flavoured coffee - I love using flavoured coffee granules or syrup to give a little burst of flavour. Douwe Egberts do really nice flavoured instant coffee (vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, caramel...) which are all free on Slimming World. 

Want it colder? Freeze cubes of milk and add one or two to half a glass of milk with the coffee cubes.

Slimming World - syn values
Free, as long as the milk is your Healthy Extra A (I use 350ml of skimmed).
Sweetener is free, sugar is 1 syn per teaspoon. 


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