Wednesday, 27 May 2015

bookclub #1

Well hello there - welcome to the first new feature I've introduced in a little while; the book club. Technically the bloggers book club, but I'm going to go keep it simple. Myself, Lorna and Leanne decided to expand our love of all things literary and get the chance to roam a little outside of our comfort zones book-wise each month. Some of you may have followed my bookworm feature which I will of course be continuing - never fear. And as ever, I can guarantee there will be no spoilers on my page... I'm not that mean. 

Secret: my biggest fear about joining a book club? That I wont read fast enough. I'm such a slow reader!

#1: Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey.

The first read was chosen by yours truly after I'd seen lots of praise online and from others. Elizabeth is Missing is about Maud who suffers from dementia, or impaired memory. The story flicks between her current life of memory loss and confusion, with her childhood and her accounts of her sister Sukey's disappearance. The author manages to help you completely empathise with Maud's confused state of mind, making you feel frustrated, confused and sympathetic all at once. Elizabeth is missing - why doesn't anyone seem to care? She needs to buy peach slices, wonders how best to grow marrows and doesn't understand why she isn't allowed to eat toast. After the umpteenth time Maud voiced each of these concerns, my head was spinning. 

I love stories that weave together the past and present, but when you add memory loss to the mix it all just became... confusing. I guess in that sense the author has totally helped you feel Maud's plight, but for me it just didn't work as smoothly as I'd have liked. I finished the book with a 'meh' and although I didn't dislike it, its not something I'd go out of my way to recommend. I did like that it wasn't too long though, so many books are huge tomes it was refreshing to read something of suitable length!

See what Lorna said here, and Leanne here. Want to join in? Get in touch!


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