Monday, 13 April 2015

rose tomato

When it comes to fragrance, I'm pretty fussy. I think years of my Dad's nagging reminders that natural fragrances are far more appealing has left me moving away from overwhelming scents and seeking out fresher tones. He would often mock my love for Dior's Pure Poison in my teenage years - I can remember the smell to this day and it just reminds me of Ikon nightclub. Stay classy, Lizzie. Today I favour more natural scents; woody, herby or floral fragrances are my go-to, especially when it comes to home fragrance. 

Joules Rose Tomato Scented Candle*
Joules Cottage Herb Body Lotion*
Joules Cottage Herb Body Wash*

I'll put my hands up and confess that I jumped at the chance to try these new Joules home fragrances! Joules are known for being quintessentially British; starting life in a farm office, twenty-five years later you can find them on countless UK highstreets offering the Best of British. I knew their toiletries would be perfect for me, and how right I was. 

I absolutely love the Rose Tomato scent, a combination of rose, tomato leaf, jasmine, bergamot, coriander and basil. It just works! Expect something fresh and entirely different from any other candle you've had the joy of burning before. The Cottage Herb scent is equally as delicious and unique; a mix of fresh garden herbs, fennel and citrus. I have to be careful when using body moisturisers as I have very sensitive skin (mostly on my legs, which are prone to rashes) and as a rule try to avoid any scented lotions. I've been using this body lotion for just over a week every evening before bed and have been so impressed with its intensely moisturising feel - my legs were so dry! - and how it hasn't had any adverse effects on my sensitive pins. A complete winner for me, I can see myself buying this when it runs out. 

It's an A* from me, Joules! You can take the teacher out of the classroom...


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  1. This scent sounds gorgeous, I love the look of that candle!

    Maria xxx


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