Friday, 3 April 2015

all i can

Where did my life go? It's always around this time of year the teacher-me takes over and I lose my work-life balance. But I'm not going to harp on about that. Today marks the start of seventeen days off work, and I intend to enjoy it. When I return the marking will hit me and that'll be another few weeks wiped out, so I plan on making sure these next couple of weeks count. 

1. Getting back to blogging. I've got some tasty recipe ideas bubbling away in my mind, I'm looking forward to cooking for pleasure again! First on the list are some (SW friendly) turkey, ginger and soy meatballs. Watch this space.

2. Reading. It's a sad time when you are hitting the hay every night so exhausted that you can't even manage to read a page of your book! I'm still going with Case Histories by Kate Atkinson - I'm looking forward to getting stuck into it again, and then onto a couple of Philippa Gregory reads I've picked up. My mum has also lent me 'The Girl with all the Gifts'; I've heard good things. 

3. Developing my Slimming World recipe bank. I have managed to adapt lots of my regular 'go-to' recipes SW friendly, but I want more! I seem to be craving curries a lot at the moment, so I want to try making some dhal and working on my spice repertoire. I saw a delish-looking Dale Pinnock recipe for a saag dhal with tandoori salmon. It shot to the top of my 'must make' list immediately! Once you get your head round how SW works, it's so easy to adapt recipes to fit the plan. 

4. Joining my local running club. Starting this coming Wednesday - I'm strangely excited! Totally inspired by those who run marathons and get to exercise in the fresh air, I want to give it a go. Oh, and I appear to have entered myself for a couple of 10k runs this summer so I'd better get practising!

5. Becoming politics-literate. Is that a thing? I have started a one-man campaign at work telling the young people I teach that not knowing about politics isn't attractive, endearing or cute, it's just boring. It's my 'don't be boring' campaign! Although I have a healthy interest in the election and a good idea of my own values and beliefs, I want more. The Leaders Debate last night was infuriating and fascinating in equal measures. I was most impressed with Nicola Sturgeon - gwan girl - and I thought Farage's anti-HIV tirade was excellent in securing him the 'I-shouldn't-be-here-I-am-a-complete-farce' hat. 

That's all my slightly tired brain can muster at the moment, but I think it's a fairly comprehensive list! For now? I need eggs and another coffee, stat. 


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  2. couldn't agree more with you about politics! I get so annoyed when people think it's cool to not care about what is happening in their country. like you have to grow up in this world, at least TRY and have an input on what goes on in it!

    Uncia + Tigris

  3. Absolutely agree with your 'don't be boring' campaign! I also work in a secondary school and it's what I try and get my students to think about too! Hooray for finding another teacher/blogger! Go you! :D

  4. That's great what you're doing at school, what a brilliant idea! I hope the kids get on board.

    I wish I had the guts to join a running club but I'm just too terrible at it. I do plan to dust off my "couch to 5k" app very soon though. x

  5. Love the idea of your "don't be boring" campaign! Definitely need more teachers like you :) x

  6. I wish my teachers had been a bit more encouraging with politics when I was at school. I wasn't old enough to vote in the last general election, but this time around I've properly taken notice of what's going on and I feel much better for it!
    Jennifer x
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