Monday, 30 March 2015

making sacrifices (badly)

Oops - where did those three weeks go? Whereas I'm sure you weren't mourning my absence, my lack of blogging has been niggling away at me. Unfortunately, when you're skint, on a diet and crazy busy at work, life aint all that interesting! I finish for the Easter break on Thursday and it can't come soon enough. 

Naturally, when one has no money, their ASOS saved items list just grows longer and longer! This year is an exciting one for us as we're saving for a big travelling expedition next year (details to come next week) but it does mean money is tight and I need to start making sacrifices. I mean, what's better - a new pair of boyfriend jeans or a couple of extra days in SE Asia?! While the latter is of course the answer, at the moment those boyfriend jeans just seem a complete necessity. Any ASOS codes out there? Help a sister out!

As I said, this Thursday marks two weeks off for me and I've got a whole load of recipe posts, style bits and lifestyle things to share with you. Maybe I'll even have time to read and can finish the book I've been attempting to read for over 2 months! Until then, back to the huge pile of marking sat in front of me... 


  1. Ahh your travel plans sound amazing! I know the feeling with not being able to spend money though, it is TOUGH!

    Maria xxx

  2. Those jeans are amazing to be fair. Treat yourself :) x


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