Monday, 9 March 2015

get nakd

When it comes to snacking I suck. If I see a chocolate bar on my desk I wont be able to deny myself it, and unless I have some fruit or a low-cal snack at the ready I will do my best to seek out something sweet and naughty. As I'm trying to shed some lbs and lead a healthier life style this isn't ideal. A friend at work brought in some of these homemade Nakd-style bars last week and I knew I had to try them myself! When a singular 35g Nakd bar costs me over a quid at the gym (yeh, I know) and a pack of four costs £2.50 at Sainsbury's, these homemade versions are far more budget friendly... as well as being totally yummy and full of goodness!

I used this recipe and can vouch for how easy they are to make.

You can make a whole load of varieties - these are choccie orange flavoured, but on Gemma's blog she has recipes for gingerbread, peppermint and pecan pie varieties. I'm going to try gingerbread next!



  1. Ah definitely going to make these as I've had such a sweet tooth lately!

  2. I am definitely going to try making these, the Nakd bars are just so expensive!

    Maria xxx

  3. these look super delicious!!!

  4. Like, like, like your blog! Every post is so interesting!
    You did a great job!

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet


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