Thursday, 26 February 2015

lighter and brighter

Two images from H&M

With the mornings brighter, the evenings getting longer (I'm pretty sure it was light until almost 6pm today, it's practically summer!) and the temperatures reaching balmy double figures I am feeling positively Spring-like. Yes, I know the mercury might only be hitting ten or eleven celsius for some of us this week, but it beats the frosty mornings and chilly air. I'm throwing open the curtains in the morning and if I'm really lucky and am blessed with an early finish at work, I can get home to see the last moments of daylight. I really do live for the summer! All this light, bright weather has got me thinking about getting more light into our little home.

Linen curtains H&M
Copper lampshade Asda
Glass vase H&M
Metal pot H&M
Hanging planter Etsy
Mirror H&M
Candle Ikea

Light, bright linens on our bed and over the windows to let in optimum rays - I love these linen curtains for their rustic, homely feel. No nasty voile curtains for us, please. I'm currently obsessing over the idea of a VELUX roof window or sun tunnel to help bring even more light into our home after seeing my parents newly renovated garage. Dreamy! But for now... reducing clutter, using glass and other light, transparent materials and bringing a bit of nature into our home via some indoor plans will do just fine. I feel like I'll have made it in life when I can say I have a VELUX window in my bedroom! Just imagine the light...



  1. Lovely picks, especially that Asda light fitting (looks so much more expensive)
    Jen x

  2. Lovely picks, especially that Asda light fitting (looks so much more expensive)
    Jen x

  3. I was excited when it started to stay lighter after 4pm, whoop whoop! I love the H&M home range so pretty.
    Zeynab x
    The Beauty Load

  4. Love the copper lampshade and bed linens! Definitely feeling the spring vibes coming through the drab, dull end of winter and it's making me wish for new brightness too!

    little miss fii || Fii x


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