Tuesday, 17 February 2015

berry beautiful

If, like me, you are on a health kick and trying to save a few calories here and there, pancake day is a little bit terrifying! I mean, who can resist all those chocolaty, sugary discs of loveliness? Yeh, painful. Good news folks - there is an answer. After seeing these 'no bloat' pancakes on Kat's blog I knew I needed to try them. No flour, sugar or naughties in sight - just bananas and egg. And no, I've not missed anything! After a bit of internet exploring I've found these on Rosie's page, where you can find deets on the how-to. 

For now, just ogle over how delish these look. I've topped with mixed berries and fat-free yoghurt... and an obligatory drizzle of maple syrup. The best news? Minimal guilt, maximum satisfaction. 



  1. These look right up my street! Look at all those berries!

  2. They look delicious x

    Trill | www.esttrill.co.uk


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