Tuesday, 20 January 2015

green ribbons

It was about a year ago that I first posted about courgetti. Since then, the healthy foodie world has really embraced these little green ribbons, with them even gracing the pages of Vogue this week! The reason I wanted to re-blog this little recipe is two fold; first, because I wanted to report that a year later I am still loving them. Not a fad, but a genuinely tasty alternative to those pesky carbs. The second reason is that most recipes suggest you buy a spiralizer. Now at £30 give or take, this seems a little steep for something that is totally unnecessary to make courgetti! I just use a julienne peeler - I picked one up from TK Maxx for about three quid. 

How to? Wash your courgettes and dry using kitchen towel. Using your julienne peeler, simply peel off the first layer, and then one layer further. You don't want to do much more than that or it'll be soggy and tasteless. In a non-stick pan, melt a little butter (if you can spare the calories, otherwise a spray of fry-light) and throw in a couple of finely chopped/pressed garlic cloves, before adding the courgetti. Fry for just a couple of minutes max - you want it to keep some bite. Serve with anything that you'd usually have spaghetti with! We love it with meatballs and sauce or spaghetti bolognese. Yum!



  1. Courgetti is the best! I also like using a regular vegetable peeler to make wider, thinner ribbons, and I love it with red pesto and crushed cashew nuts x

  2. Thanks for sharing! I've always wanted to try it so I'll have to keep an eye out for one of those peelers.

    Gemma x

  3. I got a peeler from Lakeland for about a fiver! Does the trick, it's so easy to do and really tasty. Even convinced Tom to try it and he was adamant that pasta was pasta and there's no substitute. :)

  4. I must be so 2013, I've never heard of these but they sound yummy!

    Becky :: accooohtrements.wordpress.com

  5. I have to try these, I am supposed to be eating a low carb diet so these would be great!

    Maria xxx

  6. This is such a good idea, think I will try it with bolognese instead of spaghetti!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog


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