Thursday, 11 December 2014

sleigh bells

Another super easy festive gift idea, folks. I've blogged about my famous-with-friends fridge cake before... today however, its been Christmas-ified. That's right, in a few easy steps this incredibly easy and tasty recipe can be tweaked to be the perfect Christmas gift. I promise you, you'll become everyone's new best friend once they've tried these!

I followed my regular fridge cake recipe, but substituted half the 4oz of raisins for dried cranberries, threw in some white chocolate chips, and finished with my favourite Christmas sprinkling of bronze crunch. I saw in Sainsburys orange flavoured dried cranberries (in the baking aisle) which would work really well! 



  1. I make fridge cake all the time! I love your suggestions to make it Christmassy!


  2. YUM, this has really made me want to make some fridge cake!
    Daniella x

  3. These look so good - I made something similar lately and definitely need to make a second batch! x

  4. Oh this looks delicious, I will have to whip some up over the break!

    Maria xxx


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