Wednesday, 5 November 2014

pavarotti has the right idea

Amen to that!

Here's one from the archives for you - my well trusted spaghetti carbonara recipe. The Italians have got it so right, where pasta comes as a first course. How are they all so slim? In Rome I ordered carbonara a couple of times and neither disappointed - it is without fail my go-to dish. What really angers me when restaurants serve a crappy carbonara, I mean, it's so easy. So easy! No excuses.

I'll admit my recipe is most definitely a British version of the Italian classic; traditionally the sauce is made from eggs and parmesan... us greedy Brits have added the cream for extra naughtiness. 

Here's all you need to make the perfect carbonara for two:
Pancetta or bacon / parmesan / 2 eggs / 150ml single cream / garlic / spaghetti

To start, fry your diced pancetta in a pan with a crushed garlic clove until crispy. Use as much pancetta as you like, I also through in mushrooms if I have any. Pop your spaghetti on to cook as per the instructions. In a jug mix together the cream, eggs - one full egg and just the yolk of another, and a good handful of grated parmesan and a pinch of salt and pepper. Drain your spaghetti and put it back in the saucepan, but off the heat. Now throw in your pancetta and stir through the egg/cream/parmesan mixture. There is no need to cook this, as the heat of the spaghetti will be enough to warm it though. Cook it and you'll have scrambled eggs! Serve in warm bowls (not piping hot or it will continue to cook) with another sprinkling of parmesan. 

No, its not diet-friendly but a little of what you love every now and then wont hurt!

You can see my original post with step-by-step cooking image instructions here. Want to try some variations? Try these below - butternut squash carbonara, lemon zucchini carbonaragarlic and herb roasted cherry tomato carbonara. Images from Pinterest, sources linked.



  1. One of my favourite recipes you've posted, I love this one! x

  2. I couldn't agree with Pavarotti more - who knew he was so wise? I love carbonara so much and those variations look amazing, definitely going to have to give them a go! x

  3. Those pictures look so appetizing! Will definitely be attempting to cook this sometime soon x

  4. Great recipe. Carbonara is a firm favourite of mine - how good is the pasta in Rome! Also like the look of the zucchini version too. x


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