Wednesday, 3 September 2014

kitchen shortcuts #3

So, introducing the third part of my kitchen shortcut series. If you didn't catch parts one and two, be sure to check them out, they may save you a few minutes or pennies somewhere!

This time I'm talking pastes - these are a little shortcut I've only discovered recently. When making a curry from scratch a few months back I discovered what a bloody faff it is grating/peeling/preparing ginger, and was forced to find a simpler alternative. To Sainsbury's I went and found these guys by the fresh herbs - ginger paste and coriander paste. They cost just over a pound each, and claim to have 13 uses per bottle. One teaspoon of the coriander paste equates to a whole handful of coriander, which is great if you don't have any fresh or if you have run out of frozen cubes. I used it when making my coriander chicken recipe over the weekend and it worked really well! The ginger paste doesn't go quite as far, with a teaspoon of paste matching a teaspoon of grated ginger, but for me the saving is the ease!

I also have seen lemongrass paste, chilli paste, garlic paste among others!



  1. I've never seen these before, but what a great idea! I might have to look out for these when I have to start food shopping again soon at uni.
    Jennifer x

  2. Ahh brilliant idea! I too am fed up with grating ginger and we've tried to keep coriander herb pots before but with my decided lack of green fingers they always end up dying rather quickly... I'm definitely picking up a few of these in the next weekly shop! xx

  3. I used these pretty much exclusively when I was at uni - much more cost effective than buying fresh herbs, I think, as they keep in the fridge for quite a while! Great post!


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