Thursday, 25 September 2014

aim it at you

Aren't they beaut? Yes, my new trainers. My boyfriend totally appreciates my love of a good pair of sneaks - in fact his love is greater than mine - so when these topped my birthday list he was straight in there. A couple of years back both he and I would have scoffed at the thought of me in a pair of Air Max's, but as fashions change and my need for comfortable shoes becomes ever important, my collection grows. So when I'm not in my favourite clogs or heels, you'll find me in these. Comfy. Bouncy. Happy. 

And as my shoe stash grows, as does my everyday ring collection. On my right hand I wear my usual - a stack of three rings bought for me by my boyfriend over the years (and one of my Nans) and a big round silver jobby from Spitalfields market. A complete bargain at £7, and real silver! I felt my left hand was left unloved, so when in Brighton a few weeks back picked up this big oval moonstone ring from a stall in The Laines. I also have been throwing on the odd mid-finger ring too - I bought a load from H&M that are a mixture of matte and shiny silver in different styles. They do leave a green stain on my fingers, but at only a few quid for about ten I can't moan!  



  1. Ups, sorry, I ment "Very nice shoes!"

  2. I love my nikes for the gym and just general life. I keep my frees to wear with jeans. I do like the air max too! xx

  3. Love love love those trainers!

  4. How do you suit anything and everything?! Not fair!

    Maria xxx

  5. If you paint clear nail varnish onto the inside of your rings it should prevent the green marks.

    Lauren x


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