Thursday, 25 September 2014

aim it at you

Aren't they beaut? Yes, my new trainers. My boyfriend totally appreciates my love of a good pair of sneaks - in fact his love is greater than mine - so when these topped my birthday list he was straight in there. A couple of years back both he and I would have scoffed at the thought of me in a pair of Air Max's, but as fashions change and my need for comfortable shoes becomes ever important, my collection grows. So when I'm not in my favourite clogs or heels, you'll find me in these. Comfy. Bouncy. Happy. 

And as my shoe stash grows, as does my everyday ring collection. On my right hand I wear my usual - a stack of three rings bought for me by my boyfriend over the years (and one of my Nans) and a big round silver jobby from Spitalfields market. A complete bargain at £7, and real silver! I felt my left hand was left unloved, so when in Brighton a few weeks back picked up this big oval moonstone ring from a stall in The Laines. I also have been throwing on the odd mid-finger ring too - I bought a load from H&M that are a mixture of matte and shiny silver in different styles. They do leave a green stain on my fingers, but at only a few quid for about ten I can't moan!  


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I got edges that scratch

Hello again, strangers. As always, the start of a new academic year has knocked me for six - I managed to fight off the inevitable cold for a whole extra week this year though. Success!

Anyway, I though I should show my face and wanted to share with you some new buys. I've been loving wearing my clogs recently; both this tan braided pair and my aubergine pair. Teamed with these jeans, they are a dream. The jeans by the way are a great fit, and although can go a bit baggy around the knees (a result of the rips I imagine), they have the perfect skinny-but-relaxed feel.  

Jeans Topshop
Bag Pull and Bear at ASOS
Necklace Accessorize


Sunday, 21 September 2014

bookworm #29

The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes

Once again, another great read from one of my favourite authors! I can always rely on Moyes' novels to bring a smile to my face and completely suck me in to the storyline - be it about stolen art work, the relationship between a disabled man and his carer, or in this case a story of lost love. 

Like with The Girl You Left Behind, this story is split into two parts - largely, a tale of a woman in the 1960s, Jennifer, who wakes from a car accident to realise there is something not quite right with her marriage. When she is released from hospital and is back home, she starts to find a series of letters hidden away that tell of a secret in her marriage. The second part of the story is set in the present day, where a journalist stumbles upon Jennifer's letters and wants to know more. She soon realises hers and Jennifer's stories have more in common than she first realised. 

I adored this book - a really easy, pleasant read that I just couldn't put down. The perfect antidote for the start of a new academic year!

Monday, 15 September 2014

famous with friends

Those of you with a keen eye or a memory an elephant would be proud of may recognise this chocolatey offering. Yup, this is one from the archives I thought was due another airing. This is my famous-amongst-friends fridge cake; a recipe I pinched from my auntie when I was a teen and have honed and tweaked ever since. The best thing? You can make this in ten minutes flat, and after popping in the fridge over night - no cooking required - it is ready to be enjoyed. 

You will need
4oz plain chocolate
(if you can't find plain, use half milk and half dark good-quality chocolate)
4oz butter
4oz raisins
1 tin condensed milk
10oz digestive biscuits 

To make, pop your butter and chocolate in a pan on a very low heat (or in a bain marie) and melt together. In a mixing bowl start crushing the digestives with a rolling pin until you have a mixture of breadcrumb-like size and larger chunks of biscuit. To the biscuits, add the raisins, condensed milk and melted chocolate mixture. Line a square dish (I use this one) with greaseproof paper and pour in the mixture. Top with sprinkles, glacĂ© cherries, marshmallows or chocolate chips if you fancy. Leave for a few hours to set in the fridge - its best if you can leave overnight. Chop into bite-sized chunks and enjoy!


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

you already know

Top H&M
Boots H&M
Necklace Accessorize

Just a quick post today as I have a banging headache as I write this and need to move away from the computer! This is what I wore out on Saturday night to celebrate turning the grand old age of twenty-seven. My weekend was spent eating good food and seeing family and friends; perfection. 


Wednesday, 3 September 2014

kitchen shortcuts #3

So, introducing the third part of my kitchen shortcut series. If you didn't catch parts one and two, be sure to check them out, they may save you a few minutes or pennies somewhere!

This time I'm talking pastes - these are a little shortcut I've only discovered recently. When making a curry from scratch a few months back I discovered what a bloody faff it is grating/peeling/preparing ginger, and was forced to find a simpler alternative. To Sainsbury's I went and found these guys by the fresh herbs - ginger paste and coriander paste. They cost just over a pound each, and claim to have 13 uses per bottle. One teaspoon of the coriander paste equates to a whole handful of coriander, which is great if you don't have any fresh or if you have run out of frozen cubes. I used it when making my coriander chicken recipe over the weekend and it worked really well! The ginger paste doesn't go quite as far, with a teaspoon of paste matching a teaspoon of grated ginger, but for me the saving is the ease!

I also have seen lemongrass paste, chilli paste, garlic paste among others!

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