Friday, 8 August 2014

prancing around

So this week of my holidays has been spent mostly sorting out our house and re-decorating our sitting room - my arms aching now! Luckily it's not all been sorting and painting though, as Wednesday was spent with Kat scouring reclaimed furniture stores, eating cake and snapping some pretty gorgeous outfits. Win! With me behind the wheel and Kat showing off some her best Kylie singalong vocals, we scooted up to Stockbridge for some lunch. As a child I was utterly obsessed with Kylie - my brother still likes to remind me of the times I would prance around the house singing 'do the hocomotion with meeee' at top volume. And after a recent clear out I found my much coveted 'behind the scenes' VHS of Kylie's Japanese tour - yeh, I really was a big fan! She is definitely my guilty pleasure and would love to see her at the O2, maybe with me pronouncing the words properly now!

Oops, back to what I was saying - living in Hampshire (or Surrey in my case) we are so lucky to have some gorgeous towns on our door step, and we took full advantage of our time off to explore. Discovering pretty streams and bridges to prance around on, tea rooms to inhabit and shops to browse we had a jolly old time. 

For those interested, I'm wearing a dress I bought in the Urban Outfitters sale last year, and Kat is wearing a trusty ASOS tee. We both have the tee in multiple colours, it's such a good basic!

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  1. your blog:) great photography! x x

  2. Love the photo of you peeking out, it's a great snap! :) Love your dress.x

  3. I love your dress! Is The Shock Of The Fall any good?
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. Beautiful pics Lizzie, bring me with you next time you go exploring! x


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