Monday, 4 August 2014

courgette loaf

Courgettes. I love them. Earlier in the year I discovered courgetti, and I've never looked back. Everyone I know who grows vegetables says they are constantly battling with the never-ending number of courgettes that grow at this time of year, and knowing what to do with them. I have my Mum, neighbour and boss offloading their spare courgettes on me, so I've had to be creative - there's only so much courgetti and roasted veg one girl can eat!

I picked up this courgette loaf recipe from the BBC Good Food website and last week finally got round to having a go at making it. Much like carrot cake, courgette helps to keep your bake deliciously moist and the flavour deep. I didn't have any raisins at the time so just added some more walnuts, but think it could have done with the raisins to give some more sweetness. That said, it got a great response from my friends who I forced it upon willingly tried it for me - not super sweet like a cake, but tasty and lightly spiced. A slice of this with a cuppa and a slick of butter - perfection. 

You can find the recipe here - do let me know if you give it a go! 



  1. Ah your baking always looks utterly amazing!

  2. OOOOOH I do love a good courgette! I'm thinking of trying it as the pasta this week, because i can't get enough of courgettes! this baking does sound pretty delicious too - mind if i stop by for a slice? x

  3. We have so many courgettes to use up so I was intrigued to see the recipe but at nearly 500cals a slice I'll have to give this one a miss. My chap doesn't eat anything I bake so I'd be eating the whole lot! haha. It looks lovely though.

    We are obsessed with courgetti too!


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