Monday, 28 July 2014

time out

Some of you may know that I'm a teacher (sociology A Level if you're interested) and that means I am currently on my summer holidays. Don't hate me! Having already been abroad on holiday, the rest of my time off will be spent at home in Surrey catching up with friends and family, gardening, doing some home DIY and other bits and pieces that build up throughout the academic year. 

My home projects this summer: redecorating the sitting room (see my plans here) and sorting the back garden to look vaguely presentable. The latter was also my project last summer... says a lot!

One of my concerns in the summer holidays is that I will lose contact with the outside world - yes school holidays are great, but everyone else is working! During term time I keep up to date with friends and family via email, pinging everyday chatter back and forth when I have a spare 5 minutes between lessons. Thankfully I am not tied to my computer over the summer holidays, but this does mean I slip a little with contacting people. Up til now I've put off the lure of the tablet, but I finally think it might be time to succumb to their oh-so-convenient qualities. Despite being an iPhone girl through and through, I just cannot bring myself to fork out £300 minimum for an iPad - I just don't have that kind of money (I'm a teacher, remember?!). There is so much choice today, thankfully most being entirely more affordable, one of which being the Acer Iconia A1. I love the classic white design and silver back, the fact it fits perfectly in one hand, the 7.5 hour battery life and dual speakers. That, to me, ticks all the boxes. Fear not friends, I will be back in contact in record time!

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  1. Yes I am jealous that you are on a 6 week break but I understand that you will still need to do a few bits for work too!
    Tablets are so convenient, but I do feel you end up spending a lot of time on them. I am guilty of switching off my laptop to go to bed... only to pick up a tablet or phone while IN bed and watch youtube videos!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​


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