Sunday, 20 July 2014

shades of grey

Ah, rented accommodation. Its so hard to make it your own, hey? Last summer we were given permission to paint the chimney breast in our sitting room, transforming it from a questionable deep sparkly purple (yeh, vom) to a shade of olive green. Now a year ago I loved it. I mean, anything was better than that purple mess! More recently however I'm starting to crave change, and have been looking to Pinterest for inspiration.

Now my sights are firmly set on change, I'm lusting over a muted grey look. As I said, it would only be our chimney breast we'd be painting to inject just a flash of colour, so wouldn't be too dominating and more importantly would be ok with our landlord. On that theme, I'll be looking to things such as cushions, throws, picture frames and the like to accessorise and bring it all together. 

White Sofa Ikea Woven Throw H&M Home Velvet Cushion H&M Home Picture Frame Ikea 
Striped Cushion H&M Home Plaited Baskets Zara Home Candle H&M Home Glass Jars Zara Home



  1. When we first moved into our house, we painted the chimney wall grey and the other walls white. I loved how crisp it was, but then (because the rom is north facing) it became really cold and bleak, so we put a warm plum (haha, no sparkles thankfully) on it. I wish we'd chosen something like a navy or a warmer grey to tone it up, but alas we've now got a purple abyss! Next time, I'll use pinterest a lot more wisely.

  2. i've just moved into a new rented house and am so excited to try and make it somewhat my own! i've just blogged about a grey throw i bought from bhs - it's so lovely and currently in the sale, even better! love the grey cushion, H&M home are soo good x

  3. I love grey! If my boyfriend allowed it my whole house would be grey! I'm excited to finally own my own house and be able to decorate!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  4. I love grey and yellow together, it always looks lovely.

  5. We've got a grey couple of walls in our living room and a feature wall with a white fireplace in our bedroom. I love it as it's such a practical neutral colour. Harry jokes with me that I like painting everything grey but I don't care :) H&M have some gorgeous home bits at the mo, having to resist the urge to spend spend spend! x


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