Tuesday, 10 June 2014

the only difference

Hat H&M
Sunglasses River Island
Sandals Office
Bikini H&M

Introducing some of my favourite and key buys for Summer 2014. Lets start with the sandals - they seem to be out of stock online and I got the last pair in my size in store, so get in there quickly if you like them! I love the mix of textures, colours and fabrics and at £35 I didn't think they were too pricey. Middle-aged comment: they are also so comfortable!

The sunnies were a bit of an impulse buy, ironically when I was looking for some 'sensible sunglasses that really suit me'. Pah! There are definitely not sensible and make me look like a crazy person, but I love them. See them in action here - I look completely ridiculous, happy days! I think we should all embrace our inner-eccentric.

And finally, my two star H&M buys - the bikini I love and got online with a discount code. I really like H&M bikinis, which are great for smaller-busted ladies such as myself. I find myself sizing up though, so make sure you try on first. The hat I thought I should buy for our holiday to Greece this summer as it's due to be super hot. I always end up with a burnt hairline on holiday, and my hair usually gets bleached by the sun to within an inch of its life. I'm hoping this will prevent the singe! 



  1. SNAP! I have those sunnies too and get lotsa love for them xxxx

  2. I love the bikini! Hope you enjoy your time in Greece :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Love these things, have a great holiday!



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