Sunday, 1 June 2014

an aficionado

Bit of a cop-out instagram picture post, but I wanted to show you my updated hair! Last week I visited James at Farnham Headmasters for a worth-every-penny hair cut. He totally gets what I want every time and always manages to create a cool, undone vibe which doesn't require masses of styling or faffing. I wanted a heavier fringe with a more central parting - as each day passes I'm more and more over the side/swooping fringe! Luckily, this chunky centre parting is super easy to manage and just falls into place. 

I've had a fringe all my life from a big old bowl-cut type affair, to a swooping side fringe and an awful stage when I pinned it back a lot, exposing my ginormous forehead. I feel I've become a bit of a fringe-aficionado, so here are my top tips for wearing and maintaining a fringe:

1. Get it trimmed regularly. I am actually really bad at doing this, but its so important to keep it in shape! Remember, most hairdressers offer free fringe trims in-between appointments. 

2. Dry using a flat brush to help it stay smooth and straight, without losing volume and texture. Straightening your fringe often zaps out any movement, so try and style with a brush and hairdryer. 

3. Embrace da clip (thanks Estee!). I pin my fringe back into a big quiffy-type situation after drying whilst doing my make up, which helps to give it some bounce and doesn't leave it sitting flat on your face once released.

4. I also clip my fringe back when I get home in the evening, keeping it out of my face and helping it stay fresher for longer. Bra off, fringe clipped back, makeup off = sorted!

5. Refresh with dry shampoo as needed - there is nothing worse than a greasy fringe hanging all over your face. It will also make your skin more greasy and can lead to spots and yuckiness. Keep it clean, girls.

Another quick heads up - if you sign up to Headmasters VIP Club, you can get 25% off all hair services Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Its an amazing deal!

PS this post is not sponsored/collaborative, I just really like Headmasters!


  1. Your hair is so lovely Lizzie! I want to go blonder and get a bit of life put into my hair AND get my side sweepy fringe thing cut back in. SO many wants and not enough £ or free time to get it done! - Damn having to pay £180 to fix my phone! :-(

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x x

  2. Your hair always looks ace, I have total hair envy!

    Maria xxx


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