Wednesday, 21 May 2014

go figure

The first time I tried a moussaka was on a flight to Canada - needless to say, it wasn't the finest of introductions! Since then, however, it has worked its way into my recipe book of classics. I first made this recipe about a year ago but wanted to share it with y'all again, seeing as its so tasty and all that!

You can find the recipe here

A few things to keep in mind - first, a moussaka is a labour of love... it aint a quick meal to through together! I save this for an afternoon where I don't have much on, so I can make it in plenty of time for dinner. It takes about an hour to do all the prep (the four stages; aubergines, potatoes, mince, and bechamel sauce) and then about thirty minutes to cook in the oven. 

Second, you'll need a nice deep dish. I like this round ceramic casserole dish (TK Maxx) - the round shape makes it perfect for the circular shape of the aubergines and potatoes. Its a bit like a lasagne, where you stack all the layers up. The aubergines and potatoes are obviously thicker than the pasta sheets you use in a lasagne though, so you'll need something suitably deep. 

And finally, much like lasagne, moussaka isn't a looker. Once served it doesn't look particularly attractive but I can guarantee you it tastes a million times better than you'd expect! The bechamel sauce sets like a fourth firm layer, delicious.

Best of all - as this has everything hidden away inside it, you only need to serve with steamed green veg. We usually go for tenderstem or purple sprouting brocolli. Enjoy!



  1. This needs to get my my belly asap. I adore your recipe posts!

  2. This just looks so delicious. I absolutely adore moussaka and first had it in Athens which spoiled me! Will definitely be giving this a try.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. Ooo this looks delish! I haven't had this before & I love lasagne so will have to try this. Thanks for sharing : )

    Gemma xxx

  4. This looks really good!


  5. I disagree - I reckon that moussaka is a looker! ;) Love your casserole dish too, such a nice colour.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  6. That looks delicious. I'm ashamed to say I've never made moussaka but I've bookmarked your recipe so I can give it a try :)

    rachael xx | made up of little things

  7. Looks so yummy, I've never had moussaka before, so I might try making it :] x

  8. Ahh nothing beats the sight of golden cheese right out of the oven! Feeling quite hungry now! xxx


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