Wednesday, 26 March 2014

five guys

Earlier this week Rich and I paid a visit to an exciting new addition in Guildford - Five Guys. Guildford is seriously underrated in terms of shopping and eating opportunities; think Space NK, Anthropologie, Jo Malone and Muji as well as Bills, Jamies Italian, CAU (amazing steaks!)... and now Five Guys. Weird, but true!

So in we went, full of fast food joy. The menu is pretty simple; burgers, sandwiches and dogs. I went for a 'little burger' (one patty rather than two) topped with grilled mushrooms, lettuce and mayo. The toppings are all free of charge and there are loads you can choose from including the usual condiments, mushrooms, salady bits, jalapenos and onions - or just go 'all the way' for them all! Rich went for a bacon cheese dawggg dog with grilled onions and mustard. We shared some Cajun fries, I had a coke and Rich had a beer - all for under £20.

Verdit: delish. The burger was super tasty and juicy, and the mushrooms were a great addition. Rich's bacon cheese dog was equally as good, with incredible bacon.. so I'm told! The Cajun fries were oh so good, although I'm not sure they can beat the cheesy fries at ShakeShack! Would we go again? Hellll yeah!



  1. Mmmm I love Five Guys! So pleased they've opened up over in the UK :) (and the bacon really IS incredible!)

  2. I could eat a Five Guys every day!

  3. Looks so good. Beats the crummy Ed's Diner we have up here! X

  4. a blog about five guys and blue october - i expected to hear about matt, ryan, charles, justin and jeremy. doh!

  5. i totally went to the kingston five guys the other week - they're popping up everywhere. I was in a dream eating my cheese covered hot DAWG! haha. xxx

  6. This looks amazing, I am now craving a massive burger!

    Maria xxx


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