Tuesday, 25 February 2014

the art of gifting

To me, gifting should not just be about buying people you love the things they like, but the things they perhaps wouldn't usually buy themselves. I mean, most people might feel a little extravagant buying themselves fancy ceramic measuring spoons, a pug print tea towel, or special edition literary classics. Buying these for yourself might feel unnecessary, but who doesn't want something a little indulgent as a gift?! It can't be just me...

The above are some of the items I've found that I think would make great gifts for a whole range of people in your life. The bespoke heart map prints are such a cute idea - have them personalised to indicate where you first met, got married or were born... the list is endless. Not On The Highstreet is one of my favourites for unique gifts that help you find something really perfect - the pug print tea towel would make the perfect gift for any crazy dog lady such as myself or gent!

Anthropologie is the home of un-essential but super gift-worthy items such as these measuring spoons and this trinket dish. Keep your eyes peeled for another post in the near feature on this topic! I can think of so many people these Mr Boddington's Penguin Classics would be perfect for - not only are they classic reads, but their limited-edition style covers are so gorgeous and would make a welcome addition to anyone's bookshelf or coffee table. Again, probably not something you could justify buying yourself, but an excellent gift. 

And finally - real, proper jewellery. I am most definitely guilty of this one; I always wait for people to buy me jewellery as gifts. Be it a statement necklace, simple rings to fuel my layering obsession, or proper pearl earrings like these from Mesenso. Classic and timeless, the perfect gift as you know these will never feel dated.

I think I've got all bases covered here - for women at least. Now to have a think about gifting for men... possibly the hardest task known to woman-kind?!


  1. I enjoy spending time selecting the right gift for somebody as there is an excitement in giving somebody something you know they are going to love. I am certainly all about buying something that they wouldn't buy for themselves but I know they would certainly like to have. x



  2. I really love the heart map idea, you could even make them yourself if you are a bit strapped for cash. A really thoughtful present. Lovely blog, thanks for sharing. Little London Girl x


  3. I love choosing gifts for people especially when I can personalise an item. I really love the map idea think I am going to have a go at making my own though. http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  4. Lovely idea, I have this one friend who always gets me the best present for my birthday; it's always something I absolutely love but would never even have thought of buying for myself! Thanks for this post, I can think of quite a few people I would make very happy with these gifts :) xxxx

  5. I wish someone would buy me the pug print tea towel ;)

  6. I really like the idea of the maps in the frames and I would so have those measuring spoons. That tortoise is beyond cute. I'm like you, I like thinking of presents for people that are a little outside the box. GREAT POST!! x


  7. I absolutely adore those heart map frames, they are so cute! I love these type of non generic gifts. I hate when people give just a random cd or DVD as it's the first thing they pick up. Oh god I totally agree about gifting for men! XxxX


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