Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Yes - I've gone there - courgetti. If you've not seen this gracing blogs/instagram/twitter recently (i.e. Nouvelle Daily and Millie Mac) then where have you been?! Now I am most certainly not one for denying myself things I like... pasta is one of them. I usually try to fight the bulge with cutting down on portion sizes, but I can now say I am well and truly a new woman! I never would have thought I'd say it, but courgetti is bloody delicious. I do love courgettes anyway, which helps, but this is so tasty.

I've seen some use a vegetable spiraler to create courgetti, but I just use a julienne peeler that I picked up from TK Maxx for about £3. I find one large courgette is a good size for one person, and is what I've used to create the amount shown in the pictures here. Simply peel your courgette (I keep going just until it hits the seeded core, then discard the rest of the courgette) and fry in a small knob of butter and garlic - I use one clove, pressed/crushed - for a few minutes.  The outside skin keeps a bit of crunch, so don't over cook. Season with salt and pepper before serving, if you want a bit of a kick maybe try some chili flakes.

It really is that simple! I like courgetti with meatballs and sauce, or bolognese. And the best part is you can eat lots without feeling a smidge of guilt. I prefer this to regular pasta now as its far more tasty (thanks to the garlic) and doesn't leave you with that heavy carby feeling afterwards. Joy!

Have you tried courgetti?



  1. Definitely trying this tonight! Love courgettes so think I'm going to like courgetti. x

  2. I really like this idea, I'd not seen it before!


  3. This looks so good and I cannot wait to try it! Spaghetti always leaves me feeling so heavy and I love courgette so it's definitely worth a go :) x

  4. This sounds AMAZING, definitely going to try!

    Maria xxx

  5. I'm still yet to try this - it looks so lush with the meatballs!

  6. It looks really good - this is one I want to try!

  7. great recipe idea - I love courgettes so imagine I'll love this too!

  8. This is the first time I've seen courgette spaghetti actually look appealing! Well done you!! Thanks :)

  9. It sounds so nice fried with garlic! Def going to try this!
    Daniella x


  10. I really need to try this! It looks yummy!

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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