Saturday, 9 November 2013

pimp your eggs

Yes, that's right. Another weekend, another breakfast post featuring poached eggs. I promise, I do eat other things too! This morning Rich and I woke up at my parents' house near Winchester - we're house/dog sitting for the weekend - and had planned on going out for some breakfast (the Cornerhouse in Winchester does a great one!). Feeling tired and lazy, I looked in the fridge on the off-chance Mum and Dad might have some bits and pieces we could throw together rather than going out, and to my delight found the ingredients for something delish. English muffins, bacon, spinach, poached eggs and tomatoes/mushrooms. PJs still on I threw the following together, and boy was it good.

My parents have an Everhot (like an Aga) which can be a bit of a bitch to cook on, but between the two hot plates and the rather techy induction plate it made for the perfect egg-poaching station. Electric hobs just don't cut it for heat-control! I fried the bacon, eggs and mushrooms in a non-stick pan without any oil, then popped in the warming oven to keep toasty. Whilst wilting the spinach I toasted the muffins on the hot plate and poached the eggs; throw it all together and you've got something magical. 

More breakfast posts here and here - enjoy!



  1. Now that looks awesome. My Nan makes the best poached eggs ever and I can never quite get them the same!
    Will defo be trying this though!
    Charli... x

  2. This does look magical Lizzie, come and cook for me please!

    -Tabitha x

  3. this is my kind of meal! stylish comfort food. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  4. Oh my. This looks like a BRILLIANT breakfast!! I love breakfast, but never think to actually make myself something fancy. Partly because I'm rubbish at poaching eggs! xx

  5. OH MY GIDDY AUNT I love poached eggs!

    Maria xxx

  6. YUM, just had a little look at all three brekkie posts and my mouth is now watering - I am a huge fan of Eggs Royale! Today's offering looks pretty nom too, might have to make more of an effort next Sunday!
    Mel x


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