Sunday, 3 November 2013


- now Halloween is over, we're officially allowed to be excited for Christmas... and lets be honest, aside from the momentary interest in fancy dress and sweet treats, Halloween is just a big pile of let down anyway.

- only a month until its socially acceptable to put up your Christmas decs - that means we can now start the unhealthy obsession with buying reindeer-shaped decorations and the like, that cost a small fortune but only see the light of day for a month each year. Yuussss! Why do I sound so bitter?! I friggin' love buying overpriced decorations. 

- the weather has turned, its cold... time to dig out scarves and hats. Life is infinitely better with knitwear.

- bonfire night provides the perfect opportunity to wear said knitwear. Remember remember the fifth of November...

- shops start to sell festive sandwiches. M&S I'm looking at you... come on now. Turkey and stuffing sandwiches, get in my belly.

- the outside world becomes instantly prettier and more instagrammable.

- granted, Christmas is still yonks away, but we can begin the countdown to the 1st of December. Yup, advent calendars. One teeny piece of chocolate a day to help the festive cheer!

- dieting fades into insignificance as the unavoidable Christmas plumpness fast approaches. Might as well give up now and submit to two-month-long snacking. You need to prepare your stomach for the onslaught of food in December after all. 

- roaring open fires - if not in your own home, then in cosy pubs. In fact, that's where I'm off to now. Toodles!

Did you see my Paris photos yesterday?


  1. I loved this post! I think November and December are my absolute favourite times of the year! xx

  2. Pahha I love the idea that we should all start warming up our stomachs for the Christmas feasts now!! And I'm SO excited for the time it gets cold enough to light the fire at home! xx


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