Saturday, 30 November 2013

driving Cadillacs in our dreams

Ahh, the roll neck. Also known as the polo neck, turtle neck or sometimes even cowl neck, depending on the size and degree of slouch in the neck (I definitely just made that up). What ever you call them, they've well and truly made a comeback for AW13. Hoorah! I'm definitely a jumper and scarf kinda girl - warm and snuggly knits, yes please! 

Last weekend I picked up a plain black, fitted polo neck jumper from Mango for under a tenner and now I've got the bug. I've realised it might have something to do with the woman in my hair inspo photo wearing one, ha! Next on my list is something a little more slouchy, like the above. Clockwise from top left; H&M, Whistles, Reiss, H&M. I've just ordered the first H&M one online, at £14.99 I couldn't say no. There are a couple of good H&M codes that work at the moment too - for 25% off your most expensive item enter '0560' and for an additional £5 off (can be used together) enter '1304' at the checkout. Nothing wrong with a cheeky payday treat in the lead up to Christmas! 

Do you love a roll neck?

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  1. You're right with a cowl neck, it's all today with monks' cowls and only refers to the big drapey ones! I love turtlenecks but I think they make me look slightly weird in the boob department- but these jumpers might change my mind...! xx


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