Saturday, 21 September 2013

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24 (8 seasons) The Walking Dead (3 seasons) Game of Thrones (3 seasons) Breaking Bad (5 seasons) 
Homeland (2 seasons) Dexter (8 seasons) Prison Break (4 seasons)

Err, we watch a lot of TV! Well, that's not entirely true... we watch a lot of TV series retrospectively. In fact, we rarely watch TV - apart from when The Great British Bake Off, The X Factor (for me at least) or The Apprentice are on, we don't watch anything 'religiously'. And even those, its a case of if we're not doing anything, we'll watch. I admit, Casualty is my guilty pleasure, but I can go without! We do love a US TV series though, as you can tell from the above. Yes, we've watched them all, and every season, apart from Dexter which is a work in progress. We started off with 24 at Uni, and spent far too much time when we should have been in lectures following the adventures of Jack Bauer. More recently Homeland and Game of Thrones, and we're just as hooked. Rich has read all of the GoT books and isn't allowed to say anything when its on in case he gives anything away! And although I'm a massive pansy when it comes to blood and gore, I quickly got into The Walking Dead and Dexter. 

So my question is, what next? We need recommendations people! 

Note: we're not as sad as this suggests, and do have lives!


  1. Great post - I watch far too many shows too! I'm just making my way through Breaking Bad at the moment and am planning to start 24 sometime soon as I've heard such great reviews.

    I'm actually having a 'Dexter Week' over on my blog at the moment with lots of posts inspired by the show :) x

  2. i love Breaking Bad & Homeland - can't wait to see where BB goes with the ending, and to see Homeland back in a week!! We also love The Newsroom (written by Aaron Sorkin of the West Wing) - such great writing, witty, quick, exciting. Also, have you watched the Sherlock series with Cumberpatch? Probably have, but just in case, it's brilliant. x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  3. Ahhhh I've just finished The Game Of Thrones, I watched all 3 season in a few weeks, I can't believe I didn't watch it earlier! I'm a huge fan of both The Walking Dead and Dexter, though I only started watching those in the last year, I'm always late to the party. I'm still in mourning over Prison Break :(

  4. Ray Donnavan! It's awesome and made by the same people as Dexter. I'd say it's a bit more a drama than the goryness of Dexter but it's still good


  5. I love a good US series! Haven't got stuck into one in the longest time though, the last was Grey's Anatomy- which you'll probably like if you like Casualty!? xx

  6. soooo many.....parenthood, friday night lights, lost, orange is the new black, chicago fire, suits, new girl, revenge, it's always sunny in Philadelphia, mad men ,the vampire diaries, greys anatomy. I'm probably forgetting some - I think I can safely say I am a tv addict

  7. I LOVE game of thrones and modern family - I have heard so many people talking about breaking bad, it doesn't seem like my kind of program but I might have to watch the first episode!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  8. I adore Prison Break and Game of Thrones, they are SO good! Need to jump on the Breaking Bad bandwagon though, it sounds interesting! :)

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  9. We are two episodes from the end of Dexter! It's such a great show. Love The walking dead too. We watch New girl, Modern Family, Big Bang theory, How I met your mother, Ncis. We must must watch Breaking Bad...heard so many good things about it! We barely watch normal tv and watch mostly American shows.

    Gemma xXx


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