Tuesday, 27 August 2013

oh you tart

After making a pie, or my trout parcels, I often find myself with half a sheet of puff pastry to use up. Not sure what to do with it, I decided to chuck a load of stuff from our fridge on said pastry, and see what happened! Here goes...

You will need
Half sheet pre-rolled puff pastry
Feta cheese - crumbled
Tomatoes - sliced
Chopped black olives
Spring onions - sliced

Basically, lay out the pastry on some greaseproof paper, then layer on the tomatoes to start (use buffalo tomatoes sliced thinly if possible, these cherry tomatoes were slightly too tart) followed by all your other ingredients. The chopped olives I used were actually pre-chopped in a jar from Sainsburys and went really well with the feta. I used a vegetable peeler to slice the courgette into ribbons; discard the very first layer of peel. These cook right down so you may want to do some more on top when cooked. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil and a shake of dried oregano, and bake for 20-25 minutes on 180c, until the pastry is golden. 

Serve with a lightly dressed salad, and a chunk of bread if this doesn't fill you up enough! Perfect at the moment when the evenings are quite mild and bright and you don't always want a heavy dinner.



  1. Ohh this looks so nice! Not a fan of courgette but I bet it would still be good without xx

  2. This looks incredible, I love tarts like this!

    Maria xxx

  3. Oh this looks delicious. Love a good tart ;)

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. Oh Lizzie, you put me to shame! I wish I was as inventive as you in the kitchen!

    - Tabitha x


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