Wednesday, 14 August 2013

melanzane parmigiana

Aubergines seem to divide - you either like them, or your don't. For many, its the latter! But this recipe is so tasty, and a great addition to lamb steaks.

You will need: for 2-3 servings
2 aubergines
1 tin chopped tomatoes
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 ball mozzarella
2 tablespoons olive oil
Tomato purée
Basil leaves
1 egg

To start, in a small pan warm the olive oil and garlic on a medium heat for a few minutes. Then stir in the tomatoes and tomato purée and leave on a low heat to cook while you do the rest of the prep.

Slice the aubergines into 5mm thick slices, brush a few of the slices with a little oil and cook in a griddle pan for about 5 minutes - flip half way through. Do in batches, and leave the slices on kitchen roll to absorb some of the oil when done. 

Now, time to layer it up! Start with a layer of aubergines, then some of the tomato sauce, mozzarella slices, basil leaves and a sprinkling of grated Parmesan. Repeat until you've used up all the ingredients. Top with a beaten egg and another sprinkling of Parmesan. 

Bake for 20-30 minutes at 180C until golden. Some say this is a dish on its own - its not enough food for me on its own, so I usually serve with lamb steaks and vegetables. 



  1. This sounds and looks so good! Will have to give this a try sometime :)

    Sweet Monday

  2. oh this is one of my favourite all time dishes! i've never actually made it though, it looks simple enough so i may even try it tonight :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  3. Oh wow this looks delicious. I hate to admit it but I've never tried aubergine.

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. thank you for this recipe! i had aubergine parmigiana when i went to new york and have wanted it again ever since! xx

  5. This looks so yummy! Thank you for the recipe!

    Gemma xXx

  6. I've always wanted to try and make this, but everyone I know doesn't like aubergines :s So I'd end up eating it all myself haha
    Daniella x

  7. Love this dish and I make it quite a lot. I use cheddar instead of mozzarella though so might have to swap it for a change and see how it comes out!


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