Friday, 23 August 2013

mean girls - Guru Gossip

Before I start this post 'proper', I just want to make something clear - I'm not posting this to get sympathy, or fish for compliments. I'm posting this because I think it needs to be said.

The other day, whilst looking at my blogger stats I noticed I'd had quite a lot of traffic from the now infamous site Guru Gossip. Immediately, my heart sank. For those that may not know GG is a site where, essentially, people to go to have a bitch about bloggers, in the main part. Just by looking at the home page and seeing threads such as 'abhorred bloggers' and 'trash a guru' I feel disheartened. Surely people are over this sort of shit by now? Seems not.

Following the link on my blogger page, I came to a thread titled 'smaller, less talked about bloggers'. From what I can tell, this is yet another forum for people to discuss bloggers, such as myself apparently, who are 'small' and therefore don't attract as much hate as the 'big bloggers' - who deserve it, obvs (irony) - but people still want a moan. Getting to the point, someone started a thread 'there are so many bloggers out there and the market is over-saturated that these people are desperate for any sort of attention, even though most of them are carbon copies of one another'... which is where I come in. I was then given as an example of such a blogger, with someone taking offence to the use of the lettering on some of my images.

Now, I'm not here to defend myself, or justify what I do. I simply think this sort of thing should not be happening. Luckily for me I'm pretty secure in myself (that comes with coming to the wrong side of 25, I fear) and am able to take what these folk have been saying with a pinch of salt. For me my blog is a procrastination tool - as a teacher I work my arse off most of the working (and non-working) week, and this here blog is an escapism. When people slate it, I have to admit I don't really care - it's a hobby, and I will go on as normal. It would be nice if people didn't criticise, but hey, whatever. But for some, it means a lot more to them than that, and to have people pick faults and mercilessly bitch about what they do, its not cool. Working with teenagers I see too often the consequences and aftermath of petty bullying and 'flyaway' comments made online, which really can make some people's lives painful. You only have to watch the news to see cases of young people no longer being able to take the abuse they receive online; often from so-called friends, people posting anonymously, and for no just cause. When did this become normal?!

Maybe I'm just out of touch with the social media generation; I mean I'm pretty media-savvy, but fuck having to grow up with twitter, et al as well as dealing with what is already a stressful time in most peoples' lives. What happened to the sistahood?! Yes, I did just say that. And yes, I have a blog. No, that does not entitle people to slag me off merely because 'I've put myself out there'. I'm entirely aware that what I saw about my blog on GG is nothing compared to some of the horrendous things people get written about them, but this is exactly my point. Live and let live - life is too short to cause trouble and make people feel shit about something that, in the grand scheme of things, is fairly harmless. They talk about a blogging 'market' which has become 'over-saturated'... I can't be the only one who thinks this talk is a load of BS? Blog what you like, when you like, how you like. There are no rules. And if you don't want to read, then don't. Simple.

I guess this guy knows the score...



  1. I was on that list too! Just because we have our images a certain way we have to be listed on that horrible site. I felt sorry for other bloggers that got an even bigger mention. Just horrible! I noticed with the traffic as well and I don't want that kind of traffic. If my images are so bad, don't press the link! It does make you feel so urgh about blogging and I lost my mojo a little.
    Head up your blog is fab!

  2. That website is so horrible, I can't believe people find time to write forums on there! I find it hard fitting blogging into my life let a alone writing about other people on the web! They're obviously very sad people and lacking something in their lives haha! Your blog is really good so literally don't take notice!


  3. It's such a venomous website. I don't understand how it hasn't been taken down. It's really admirable how maturely you're handling it all though. Don't think I could be that confident.

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. Guru Gossip is horrible it began as a gossiping website to gossip about beauty gurus (makeup/fashion youtubers.) they've obviously ran out of gurus to bitch about and are sad enough that they feel the need to move onto bloggers which is horrible. Fair play to you though for handling their shit so well don't let any of it get to you they're jealous of your success and jealousy gets them nowhere.

  5. Woaah! Glad i'd not heard of it till now!!!
    Here here! Bitches be CRAAAAY
    We need tea soon :) xxx

  6. It is awful! Yes there are a lot of bloggers but who cares, they should read it if they don't like what they see!

  7. Hadn't even heard of this site nor would I ever unless blogloving had recommended you kisses - @poshgrlproblems.

  8. I hear you! I hadn't heard of this site until recently and it makes me sad that people feel the need to do this. I think a lot of this online bullying comes from the anonymity the internet affords, but that's not an excuse - it's still abuse. I think your blog is beautiful - writing on pictures and all - and you should never feel any differently. Blogging is an outlet, and it could never be a saturated market because people always have something to say and should always be free to say it. Time for bloggers to stick together.

  9. This site is ridic and now they have a section for smaller bloggers I must admit I do fear that one day I'll find myself on there. Looking through that thread I'm guessing that half of the users are bloggers anyway which makes the whole thing a bit more disheartening.

    Carry on doing what you're doing your blog is mint - I'm also a banner on an image-er, they'll be on to me soon!


  10. Very Well said

  11. I'm just stunned you're over 25! You look much younger (I'll have some of what you're having)

  12. Well said! What small minded people there are out there, it makes for a very sad society :(

  13. The vile non-human website (GG) should also have a page for subscribers. I have been bullied in recent weeks on my favorite YouTube channel because these (GG) think I am commenting as the channel owner with a fake account. Even my own personal YT posts appear in a section on GG... yes I have my own section... yes me the vlogless YT user... I loathe what this vile website represents & the accusations & insinuations I have had to endure. I have asked for my YT posts to be taken down but they (moderators) say because YT is a public forum, I leave myself wide open to cyber bullying & if I can't handle the truth then I need to get off the internet for good. I wonder what other people hear think of that?? I would like 1 minute with each one of these non-humans & I can assure you I would be still standing at the end. I am so angry & furious. I have had to join their vile website to make my complaint but they just said they have a right to posts my YT posts on there & the defamatory & libellious comments are horrific just because I am a smart women like this vlogger & write similar than her too as she has her own blog also. Major unhappy face :(


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