Sunday, 24 March 2013

burger and lobster

Yes, this happened. Yesterday I nipped on the train into London to meet a friend from Uni that I'd not seen for a good couple of years. We decided to give Burger and Lobster (Clarges street, Mayfair) a try as we'd both heard good things, but not got round to actually going.

We arrived just before 1pm, put our name on the table list and got a drink at the bar. I'd heard horror stories of people having to wait forever to get seated, so was a little apprehensive, but we only ended up waiting about 15 minutes. In terms of the menu; well it's dead simple. You have a choice of lobster, lobster roll, or a burger - all of which cost £20 and come with salad, fries and garlic butter on the side. We went for a lobster roll and the lobster (grilled) to share between us... as much as I love a good burger, I resent paying £20 for one!

Our meals came pretty quickly, easily within about ten minutes of ordering. We split the two meals and shared it out onto the two platters, before donning our bibs and digging in! The lobster roll was divine; in a brioche roll and bursting with meaty lobster. Delish. The lobster itself was pretty good too, although I do find lobster a bit of a faff to eat - I'm not that into having to fight my way into my meal. Lazy and greedy, that's me! 

I have to admit lobster probably isn't my favourite seafood or crustacean, and was more fishy than I remember it to be. Don't get me wrong, I love seafood and am not one to shy away from trying new things, I just found it all a bit... much. If I were to go again I would probably go for the lobster roll, and try and persuade my pal to get the burger to balance out the fishy-ness. 

Have you been to Burger and Lobster?

Apologies for the quality of the images - taken on my iPhone!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

mixed emotions

Bills, Guildford

As mentioned in Saturday's post, we went to Bills (in Guildford) for lunch on Saturday after popping into town for a few bits. Having been a few times, we were looking forward to a yummy, chilled lunch with good food in an interesting setting. If you've been to a Bill's before (I believe there are a fair few around now, we've been to the one in Brighton, and Guildford), you will be familiar with their quirky layouts - mismatched decorative pieces, chalkboards listing specials and little recipes, and numerous tasty treats on display that you can buy. It's a bloggers paradise (harhar)!

Anyway, as much as I love the concept of Bills, I have had mixed experiences. The first time we went I loved it. I even remember I had the halloumi and hummous burger, and it was delish. Since then, I've been several times on different occasions and haven't always found the quality to be as good as expected. Last Saturday was such an experience - I ordered a chicken caesar salad in an effort to be 'good', but was disappointed to see brown lettuce, only one piece of chicken and a tiny drizzle of dressing. Now although this may be good for my waistline, for a tenner I wasn't so impressed. The manager was helpful however, and gave us a pudding on the house - pecan pie mmmm. 

I wish I'd gone for Rich's marinated chicken skewers! 

What do you think of Bills? Worth the hype?


Monday, 11 March 2013

bookworm #18

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Ok, so who hasn't read this?! Its been doing the rounds at book clubs and friendship groups alike, won a whole load of awards and is in the windows of most book shops... I've even heard rumours of a film adaptation. If you've not read it, then hopefully I can persuade you to!

Its a 'psychological thriller', but don't let that put you off, if you're not into that sort of thing. Amy goes missing. Soon enough, her husband is suspected of her murder. To the world Nick Dunne seems to be void of emotion, not grieving his wife as he should. On top of that, there are lots of strange circumstances surrounding her disappearance; their rocky marriage, a supposedly forged crime scene in their home, mysterious phone calls to Nick's mobile. 
But as the story develops, we start to see that all isn't as it seems. 

I won't say more than that, as this is a really fantastic plot. Gripping from the get go, interesting characters (which just get more and more deep!) and a fascinating storyline. You can see why they want to make this into a film!

I don't think I know anyone who hasn't loved this book - it is one-of-a-kind. Even if you don't usually read thriller type novels, this really is fab and gets you playing detective! 

Have you read Gone Girl? Did you enjoy it as much as me?
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