Saturday, 15 September 2012

fridge cake

This has got to be one of my favourite sweet treats... and my family's, friend's and boyfriend's. It is so easy to make and too easy to eat (the whole thing, in one go, oops). I call it fridge cake as there is no baking involved, simply leave it to set in the fridge, but I suppose it's not really a cake! It is sometimes called tiffin, and if you're feeling extra naughty, you can also add a layer of melted chocolate over the top. 

You will need:
4 oz plain chocolate
4 oz butter
4 oz raisins or sultanas
10 oz digestive biscuits
1 tin condensed milk

Note: this recipe is best made with plain chocolate; trust me, it wont taste bitter at all! Plain chocolate is not the same as dark chocolate however, so if you can't find plain then use milk chocolate. Or, if you are a fan of dark chocolate, I'm sure this would be lovely! I've used milk chocolate on this occasion as I couldn't find plain, which is why it is quite light in colour. I much prefer to use plain chocolate as not only does it taste nicer, but looks a nicer shade of brown!

Start off by melting the butter and chocolate in a pan on a low heat. Keep an eye on it, and don't put it on too high a heat or it will burn.  While this is doing its thing, crush your digestives. A good way to do this is in a large sandwich bag; do it up loosely with room to breathe, and hit on the outside gently with a rolling pin. Alternatively, break up digestives in a bowl with a rolling pin. In both cases, it's best doing it in stages so you can get the right sized pieces. 

You want the majority to be completely crushed and almost breadcrumb-like, but with about a quarter in larger pieces (as above). This give it a bit of bite! If you like your fridge cake even more crunchy, then you can use about 10 oz of digestives. 

Add the raisins to the crushed biscuits, and then the melted chocolate and condensed milk. Mix together!

Lay some greaseproof paper in a shallow dish, and then spoon the mixture in. No need to grease or oil! Flatten down with the back of a spoon and make sure it fills all the corners of the dish. 

This was for my birthday celebrations, so added some sprinkles over the top! You could also add marshmallows, glacĂ© cherries or whatever floats your boat either on top or into the mixture. 

To finish, leave to set in the fridge overnight. If you can last that long! Once set, cut into squares of varying sizes (for varying appetites or levels of greed) and enjoy! 

Watch out, these wont last long!


  1. Ah, my dad makes tiffin pretty regularly, but we're definitely a plain/dark chocolate family! We don't use condensed milk either, does that make it even sweeter? xx

  2. If this is as good as your cheesey chicken i'll be giving it a go this weekend x

  3. this looks gorgeous, i have to try all the recipes you've put up, they look so yum! xo

  4. This looks absolutely amazing, definitely going to try making this! Reminds me of the peppermint bark we make at Christmas (melted white chocolate, peppermint essence and crushed up peppermint candy canes) - which is so good! X

  5. Mmm these look so good! Another recipe I'll be bookmarking I think haha which reminds me I still need to try your cheesy chicken. So hungry now!

  6. I always use dark chocolate in cooking, I think something about the cooking process takes the yumminess out of milk chocolate and leaves it a bit bland? Dark chocolate seems to reduce down to a more milk chocolatey taste! I did attempt to make a fridge cake using milk chocolate once, and despite being kept in the freezer it just wouldn't set properly! Perhaps that's another reason to give milk chocolate a miss with this recipe x

  7. These look amazing, they blow my rocky roads out of the water! I love the idea of putting sprinkles on the top as well, genius xxx

  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my fave xx


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