Thursday, 12 July 2012

bookworm #7

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Ok... so I was meant to publish this post about 2 months ago. Doh! I know so many people will have read these by now, but I thought I'd go ahead anyway. I'm not one to miss out on putting my pennies worth in!

I have to admit I'm not usually one for tales set in dystopian or futuristic societies. Give me the magic of Harry Potter and the far off lands of Middle Earth (LOTR), but I've never been all that into tales of survival or controlled states. Until now.

Like millions of others, I absolutely loved The Hunger Games. Granted, it took me a few chapters to really get into the first book - I wasn't hooked right away - as Collins describes Panem, the Capitol and The Hunger Games themselves. There was no Tolkein-esque description but felt it started quite slowly. Soon enough though I as hooked and flew through the remainder of the book. I really like Katniss's character, again it took me some time to warm to her in the first book, but as the Games developed I was able to see past her somewhat stern and almost heartless exterior. Her relationship with Peeta really intrigued me, and loved how it developed throughout the three books, with many twists and turns. 

I am usually a really slow reader; I read before bed and am often so knackered I fall asleep pretty quickly, but The Hunger Games trilogy kept me hooked and up way past my bedtime! All three books are a really easy read with a great storyline and concept. 

I've not seen the film as wanted to read the book first, but can't wait to go and see it now. I've heard great things!

Have you read any of the Hunger Games books? What did you think?



  1. I was literally addicted to these books; I spent two days holed up in my room reading, and when I finished Mockingjay I didn't know what to do with myself! Admittedly they aren't the best written books you'll find, but the story really draws you in! The film is good - obviously not as good as the book - but they didn't miss anything too major out! Bring on Catching Fire! xx

  2. I adored reading these! I reviewed them on my blog too, if you'd like to see my take on them! I was gutted when I finished the last book, I wanted more! I haven't seen the film yet either, I too wanted to read the books first xo

  3. I loved them too, I think Catching Fire was my favourite. So fast paced and intriguing. Definitely see the film! I'm already excited about the others and they haven't even started filming yet haha!


  4. I loved reading these! I read Catching Fire in one day. Although, I wasn't as big a fan of Mocking Jay as the other two. I haven't seen the film yet, either, but can't wait to xx

  5. I loved these books! I had to read them again straight after to make sure I hadn't missed anything! You'll love the film, it stays so close to the book, i was pleasantly surprised!


  6. oooh this trilogy is on my to read list after i've gotten though all the Game of Thrones book :) great review :)

    Jo. x

  7. I was a bit afraid to read through this review in case of spoilers as I have just finished the first book and am on to the second. It's my commuting saviour, you can tell it's a good book when I want to stay on the tube a few stops extra to keep reading - normally I can't wait to get above ground again.

    Like you, I wanted to read the books before I saw the film but I definitely want to see it now :)


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