Monday, 4 June 2012


Banana and chocolate chip loaf

So the weather this long bank holiday weekend is pretty crappy! Sob. With street parties and tea parties a plenty, what better time to share with you my favourite tea time treat of the moment. This is a yummy banana loaf recipe with a bit of a twist... super easy to make and tastes deeeelish!

You will need:
225g (8oz) plain flour
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
100g (3.5oz) butter
175g (6oz) golden caster sugar
1tsp lemon juice
3 tbsp milk
300g (11oz) bananas (peeled)
2 medium eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Bag of milk chocolate chips (as few or as many as you like!)

First, mix together the flour, bicarb of soda and cream of tartar in a bowl (or food processor). Add butter and mix until it looks like breadcrumbs, then mix in your sugar.

In a separate bowl, mash up your bananas. The older and more ripe they are, the better! Stir in your beaten eggs, milk, lemon juice and vanilla extract. Mix until combined.

Put both the bowls of mixture together and stir in your chocolate chips!

Pour into a loaf tin (I use a silicone loaf shaped tin with a paper case in it for ease of removing etc) and cover with more sugar. Bake for approx 1 hour (or until a knife comes out almost clean) at 180C. If you have a fan oven, bake at 160C. 

Remove from oven and leave in the tin for 10 minutes. Then, turn out on to a wire rack to cool. 

I don't want to blow my own trumpet too much, but this was bloody amazing. I will go as far as to use one of my most hated words to describe it - insanely moist! Ugh. But yes, it really is a super easy recipe and makes the most delicious tea time treat. I took it in for colleagues at work who were as impressed with my baking skills as I was. 

Go bake!


  1. Mmm this sounds amazing! May have to give this a try in the future x

  2. I made Nigella's banana bread yesterday (and blogged it today!) - also using those very same big chocolate chunks! Yours looks gorgeous too - loving the sugary crust on top :)

  3. I'm always a bit funny with banana bread as I don't like the taste of banana unless is it the actual fruit (I hope I make some sort of sense ha!), but this looks so good! I might try this, maybe the chocolate chips will make me enjoy it more! :)

    Frances xx

  4. This looks amazing! Had never heard of banana bread before, deffo going to have to try this out!
    PS: 'moist' makes me cringe a bit too! Hah!

  5. I'll do this next weekend, it looks so yummy! Then I'll let you know how it went, thank you so much for sharing this recipe with us lovely xx

  6. banana cake is just THE BOMB. but i can't make it because my smelly boyfriend has this big hatred against banana's. he's weird.
    so i'll be over soon for a slice. x

  7. This looks AMAZING! Love banana in anything, might have to try this out!



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