Saturday, 10 March 2012

jet plane

Why am I writing this post I hear you ask, to torture myself with pictures of gorgeous exotic locations when I'm stuck preparing my students for their A level exams? Well... I am a serious Summer junkie and currently have a serious case of the almost-spring-blues. Spring is teasing us with little glimpses of sunshine and warmth but tricking us with the cold nights and chilly winds. My friends might tell you I'm a bit of a sun worshipper - I love chilling out in the garden with a good book and soaking up the rays! And this brings me on to today's post...

This time last year I had just booked, with blogging pal 'in real life' Jemimaandted, to go to Malaysia and Indonesia for a month. I literally cannot believe how fast this year has gone! We flew to Kuala Lumpur in June last year, where we begun our wee trip. We ventured up to North Malaysia to the Perhentian Islands - literally heaven on earth. The most beautiful place I have ever been! We headed back to KL after a week, to catch a flight to Bali, Indonesia. We spend about three weeks in Bali, including a week on the island Gili Trawangan. I'm not going to go into a load of detail and bore you all, but simply show you some of the gorgeous snaps we took along the way. 

If this doesn't make you lust for summer, I don't know what will!

Above and Below - Perhentian Islands, Malaysia (we stayed on Kecil - smaller of the two islands)

Above - Kuala Lumpur
Below - Bali and Gili T

I have definitely caught the travelling bug! Malaysia was definitely my favourite (and Kat's) of the places we visited, and Rich and I are thinking of exploring more of it in years to come. I suppose I am lucky to have such great holidays as a teacher - I will certainly be making the most of them!

Have you been to Bali, KL or the Perhentian Islands? What did you think?



  2. ugh this looks like heaven!! Roll on summer holidays! xx

  3. WOW! Those places look amazing. This really makes me jealous and want to book a holiday right now! I've followed you :)

    Nikki xxx

  4. great photos! xx

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)

  5. Oh this takes me back!! I went to Singapore and Indonesia last summer, here are my photo's It's so odd seeing you being blessed at the temple - but what an amazing place it was! Is the photo in the top right a water melon juice? Definite best thing once you've had a hot day on the beach/in the sun! xx

  6. Why, oh why would you do this?? I am SO jealous! Haha. It looks amazing and makes me want to whip out my bikini right now! I am so excited for Summer now :D xxx

  7. Ohh these photos make me soooo excited for summer. I'm hoping to travel Bali/ Malaysia next summer but seeing real people's experiences makes me want to go now! x

  8. Those photos are amazing! Very jealous - i've just come back from the canaries but nothing as stunning as this!

    Debs x

  9. Amazing pictures. Malaysia looks beautiful. <3

  10. i would love to be there now (:



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