Wednesday, 18 January 2012

bookworm #2

So, I guess you can guess what Bookworm #2 is about?! I thought I'd do a collective post this time, talking about the wonderful Marian Keyes. The images above are the books of hers I have read thus far, and still have a few left on my bookshelf! 

Marian Keyes books are the ultimate chick lit/easy reading type books; perfect for reading snuggled up in bed, or stretched out on a sun lounger. Each book has a hooking story line, great characters and bags of laughs. They may not be the most challenging or thrilling of reads, but they are perfect if you want something light hearted to cheer you up. After reading Room (see last Bookworm post!) I definitely needed something along those lines! I am currently reading Watermelon and loving it so far. 

Lots of her books actually centre around one completely dysfunctional Irish family - the Walshes. Each book tells the story of a sister (there are lots of them... I lose count!) without overlapping or getting boring. Sometimes it's nice to come back to characters who you are familiar with, and enables you to learn the 'bigger picture' behind the sisters' pasts. Not all of the books are about the Walsh sisters however, some, such as This Charming Man, are centred around completely different characters or storylines. 

My favourite so far? It has to be This Charming Man or Rachel's Holiday. Both of which I actually read in Indonesia/Malaysia last summer.... hmm on reflection maybe the location had an impact there...! But they are both great reads. 

Have you read any of Marian Keyes books? Do you have a favourite?

Friday, 6 January 2012

bookworm #1

I've just finished reading Room by Emma Donoghue and thought I would share my thoughts with you all, I know how you love to hear me ramble...!

It's about a woman who is kidnapped as a teenager and kept in a room slash shed (hence the title) for seven years. In that time she gives birth to Jack, the child of her kidnapper 'Old Nick'. Jack is four years old when the story begins, and is told from his point of view. I wont give the game away and say what happens, but would definitely recommend it to any other keen readers (or not-so-keen readers, actually!) as it is a great read. There are obvious parallels with the Joseph Fritzl case, and therefore as we know this sort of thing can happen, makes the book all the more eerie. 
As you can imagine it's not always the most joyful book to read, obviously as a reader you feel so sad/angry for Ma and Jack. But there are also really uplifting moments, and it does end on a relatively happy note. 

Has anyone else read this book? What did you think? 

Am thinking of making this a regular 'feature' on the blog; I have become quite into reading in the past few years and personally love to get recommendations from others about good reads.

I've moved onto something a little more light hearted for the time being (one of Marian Keyes many masterpieces) but next in line is We Need To Talk About Kevin. I'm a sucker for a depressing storyline!
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